Holidays and Seminars...

We spent time abroad learning more about all things K9 with a college cruise and attending Prestigious Dog shows in California.

We successfully completed and graduated from the K9 College Cruise. This was a wonderful time in and out of class with the worlds best in the K9 world. 

Seminars were held throughout the day during our days at sea and a few evenings were also filled with seminars, symposiums and workshops.

The Seminars that we attended were as we cruised around the Caribbean were:

Pat Hastings

Tricks of the Trade
K9 Structure in Action

Dr. Deborah Greco

Gut Sea: Gastrointestinal Update for the Breeder
Gland Sea*: Endocrinology Update for the Breeder

Dr. Robert Van Hutchison

K9 Reproduction
K9 Pediatrics

Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders

Strengthening & Conditioning the K9 Athlete

Dr. Ron Schultz

Immunology: Everything you need to know about Vaccines

Patricia Craige Trotter

The Gene Scene

Sue Vroom

Handle It Yourself! ~ Tips & Techniques for Traumaless Dog Showing

The seminar schedule on-board the K9 College Cruise was rigorous and intense. This was an amazing time with not only attending the seminars but spending time with the entire faculty on board the ship. The "downtime" with the presenters was as valuable as the presenations themselves.